The Funeral Process

Unlike the weekly trips to the supermarket, mowing the lawn, or washing the car, organising a funeral is not something you do on a regular basis.

In most cases when we are contacted by a family to carry out funeral services for a loved one, the family will have never organised a funeral before, and have no idea on what to do or what happens next.

We have put a together a brief timeline to help explain to you the steps involved in the funeral process and how things will occur.

Our first contact with your family

We first become aware of the impending funeral by either a family member or an aged care facility/smaller private hospital. During this initial contact, the transfer of your loved one to our funeral home will be discussed and coordinated, and we will organise a time to meet with you and your family — at your family home or in our Broadmeadow office. We also try to gauge where and when you might like to have the funeral, and determine your choice of burial or cremation. In most cases a date, time, and relevant clergy can be set in place promptly before we need meet with you to make detailed funeral arrangements. This can be essential for family and close friends who need to make travel arrangements

Our first meeting with you and your family

During this time, we will discuss, organise, and provide relevant advice on all facets of the desired funeral service in order to fulfill your family’s wishes. We will also collect any relevant information needed in order to complete any required paperwork. Funeral notices will also be written at this time.

Meeting with the relevant priest/minister/celebrant

A meeting with nominated clergy and your family is usually scheduled as soon as possible. During this meeting, everything that happens during the actual ceremony is discussed, for example what readings are to be featured, who will read them, musical requirements, eulogies, powerpoint presentations, what is to be printed in the order of service etc.

Time between the funeral arrangement and the day of the funeral

Most funerals are held within three to five days of a person’s death. Over this period of time, all necessary bookings are made and coordinated. Items such as Order of Service booklets are created, any necessary music is organised, funeral notices are placed, and family viewings are scheduled if required.

The day of the funeral

On the day, our role in conducting the funeral is to make sure everyone involved is coordinated and in place to ensure your wishes are carried out in a professional manner — and in a way that leaves your family with a positive experience.

After the funeral has occurred

Once the funeral is over, we organise an official death certificate for you. This document comes from the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages, and can take up to two weeks to arrive. This document is required for any estate purposes. If a solicitor is required for any estate purposes, this is the time to engage one. We can also help you with the design and printing of Thank-You stationery, if required. Although not needed immediately, this is the time to start thinking about stone masonry products and services such as headstones/grave restorations, or the placement of ashes. If a cremation was held, we can organise to have your loved-one’s ashes returned to you, or sent to their final resting place.

If you are faced with a death in your family and you’re unsure what to do, simply call us. We are available 24 hours / 7 days a week.