Prepaid Funerals

Today, more and more people are realising the importance and benefits of pre-paying, planning, and recording their funeral wishes. Often overlooked, planning and pre-paying for a funeral is an integral part of financial and retirement planning.

We have made the sometimes daunting and uncomfortable task of pre-planning and paying for a funeral so much easier in conjunction with ‘Funeral Plan Management’ — Australia’s leading pre-paid funeral fund. Now you can pre-plan and pay for your funeral (or the funeral of a relative), ensuring your family won’t have the worry of trying to determine what your funeral wishes might have been — or being faced with the responsibility of funeral costs.

Planning and pre-paying for your funeral will give you the opportunity to:

  • Plan the style and type of funeral to suit your needs.
  • Choose and record your desired funeral venue.
  • Provide the required family details for the Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages.
  • Record decisions on either burial or cremation.
  • Choose a cemetery or crematorium.
  • Choose the style of coffin or casket to be used.
  • Arrange wording for death notices.
  • Arrange any special features including music, readings, type of flowers etc.
  • Provide some personal history which may be of help for clergy and family history.
  • Record any special instructions that need to be carried out at any time during the funeral process.
  • Have all funeral costs secured and paid for.

Some important facts on pre-paid funerals

The major financial benefit of pre-paying for a funeral is that you secure today’s funeral price. Once the pre-paid funeral has been paid for, there are no further fees due.

The interest earned on your pre-paid funeral funds is what covers you for rising funeral costs sustained between the day the funeral was paid for and the day the funeral is carried out.

All funds in the pre-paid funeral account (initial payments made for the pre-paid funeral, plus all the interest earned on your pre-paid funeral) are paid to the funeral director once the funeral is completed.

Pre-paid funerals are exempt under both the Department of Social Services and Veterans affairs Pensions assets test. This helps pensioners minimise their assets and maximise their pension entitlements

All goods and funeral services that are to be pre-paid are set out on a legally-binding contract between all parties

All funds in the account are managed and held in trust by Funeral Plan Management, a trustee registered under the Funeral Funds Act 1979. At no time can anyone access these funds.

For further information on pre-paid funerals and funeral pricing call us anytime on 02 4952 3099