COVID-19 Update

By Meighans Funerals
Posted on March 22, 2020 at 11:43 pm

On behalf of the team at Meighans Funerals, I am writing to let you know what we’re doing to prioritise your health and wellbeing when you use our services amidst concerns about COVID-19.
At Meighans Funerals we take great care to provide you excellent customer experience which includes the cleanliness of our chapels & facilities. To continue to provide an environment which is as safe as possible for you, and our team, we have taken extra steps to clean and sanitise our facilities more frequently.

Our team is being provided regular updates and information to keep themselves and their families safe, and we are reacting and adapting to the situation as it evolves. We’re taking guidance from the Australian Government Department of Health on their recommended key preventative measures.

We encourage our community to take the precautions needed to protect their health and that of others. As a global community we are all responsible to help stop the spread of the virus, and to show compassion to one another.

The following summarises the precautions we are taking in response to COVID-19, and doing all we can to provide a clean and safe environment for our staff and clients:

• We will encourage the use of our video recording options at no additional costs where large numbers of mourners are anticipated.
• On the 18 March 2020, the government issued a ban on mass indoor gatherings for 100 or more people effective immediately. Consequently, funerals or condolence functions taking place in any of our facilities will be restricted to a maximum of 100 attendees. We understand that limiting attendance at funerals may be distressing for many families and we will do our best to minimise the impact, whilst being compliant with the newly implemented ban.
• We will encourage mourners to avoid handshakes, hugging and kissing as a form of physical condolence.
• We will monitor our staff and if they are showing symptoms of the virus, they will be asked to self-isolate and to be tested.
• Hand sanitiser will be available throughout our premises and on all funerals (specifically at condolence register tables for use after each pen use).
• Bathrooms will continue be stocked with hand wash/soap and disposable hand towel.
• In our office, all door handles, phones, reception desks, water filters and common areas will be wiped with sanitisers regularly throughout the day.

We continue to provide our customers with great service and excellent outcomes in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how the situation might affect your specific funeral being held with Meighans Funerals, please contact our office on 49 522099 so we can assist further.

For all the best up-to-date information on the Coronavirus, how to protect yourself and others as well as how to detect symptoms and what to do if you’re concerned, visit
NSW Health