Working at Meighans

Our Commitment to Staff

Meighans Funerals recognises that operational success is based largely on the contribution, commitment and achievements of its staff, working individually and in teams. We are committed to the support of staff development. The key purpose is to facilitate personal and professional development enabling support for individuals and groups to achieve their full potential at work.

Meighans Funerals views itself as an Equal Opportunity Employer, and has a standard consistent approach to the recruitment and selection of employees designed to provide equal opportunity for employment with the organisation.

What qualifications do I need?

You are not required to have formal qualifications in order to work within the industry, but training is available which can help build your skills and career options. Having the skills to understand people is essential; our staff need the ability to interact with each family and gentle confidence is considered to be one of our most valuable assets.

Will I need any training?

Considering the sensitive nature of the situations they deal with, funeral industry employees need a mature and responsible attitude. They generally deal with clients who are emotionally vulnerable, and so require excellent communication skills and an understanding of how people deal with grief.

We aim to:


Attract the best and brightest in our business, those that truly have a heart to serve others.


Retain our staff by affording them the very best training and working conditions in order to meet and exceed expectations.


Empower the staff with the autonomy to serve our client families at the highest level possible with full access to our resources.